Wedding Photography

_mg_8923We have a passion for telling stories. Our photography allows us to help you tell the story of your cherished event to your family and friends. Visually, we seek for beauty, sound composition, and technical precision. Individually, we want your wedding photos to reflect your personalities: each person is beautiful, and each person is different. Your wedding photos will be different than anyone else’s because we strive to get to know you, show your personalities, and capture those priceless moments that you will never want to forget.

Wedding Videos

Our wedding videos are much more than a moving photo album: they tell the story of your wedding. We include the highlights of your wedding: preparations, formal portraits, the ceremony, reception, cake-cutting, bouquet and garter toss, and any other tradition or moment that your wedding includes. The final DVD features a carefully-editing 20-minute highlight reel of the day, set to music of your choice, as well as another track with your entire ceremony.


We shoot with HD cameras, though the preferred delivery method continues to be standard definition DVD. All this means is that your video will look crisp and beautiful on DVD, and as new technologies and formats surface for playing HD content, we will be able to update your video for you for a reasonable cost.

We currently favor Canon DSLR technology for filming our videos, which we find captures images with a cinematic aesthetic. Multiple camera angles are available for ceremonies and other live events.

Another popular feature is a same-day edit, where we will assemble a 3-4 minute highlight reel of your wedding’s events (so far) to show at your reception. This allows your reception guests to enjoy the excitement of the entire day, even if they couldn’t make it to your ceremony.

We have filmed and edited for some of the most award-winning wedding video companies in both Utah and Washington state.  If you would like to see an example DVD, please inquire: aderynphoto (at) or find us on facebook!

Here are short previews of recent weddings:

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