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Garrett Gibbons is a visual storyteller who uses film and photography to engage audiences around the world. Though he has extensive experience in documentaries, narrative film, television, web, and print advertising, his passions are music videos and dance media. Garrett currently lives in Seattle, USA and regularly works with clients in North America, South America, and Europe.

Haiti Relief Show at Neumo’s

Sol, Common Market, Khingz, DJ Pryme, Dyno Jamz, Flying Sneakers and The Physics gave an excellent show at Neumo’s last night. The show sold out early, and 100% of the proceeds went to Doctors Without Borders. The music was great, the crowd excellent, and the cause noble. A lot of love was shared for family and friends of performers who have died or who are suffering right now in Haiti.

I was blessed enough to be backstage and onstage as the photographer for the event, and had an amazing experience capturing the show through images. Here’s a link to the full set of galleries, which you can also access by clicking on any picture below.


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Portrait gallery

We’ve just updated our portrait gallery. Take a look here!

Working Woman

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Malloy kids

The Malloy kids are obviously some pretty cute kids. They are so high-energy that getting them all in front of the camera at the same time was challenging enough that we had two photo sessions with them, just to make sure we got enough coverage. The studio and the outdoor shots are aesthetically different enough that the complete collection has a lot of variety.

A full gallery of their pictures is available by clicking on any of the photos below.


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Skyler (3 months)

It was a lot of fun doing photos of Skyler at three months since I was lucky enough to have also done her newborn photoshoot.  It’s so amazing to see how quickly these kids grow!  She is such a cutie; we had a great time.

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Lisa & Eldon’s wedding

We loved Lisa and Eldon’s wedding on a ranch in Houston, Texas. They had a carefree vibe that lent itself wonderfully to candid portraiture.

(Click on any of the images below to go to a full gallery.)

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Merry Christmas!

While visiting family over Thanksgiving, we took the opportunity to take photos of our young family, as well as Jill’s family.

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Film, VFX and Motion Graphics Demo Reel 2009

As work has been slowing down, post-wedding season, I have had the extra time to brush up my demo reel and put something together to show what I’ve been working on for the last year or so.

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