Malloy kids

The Malloy kids are obviously some pretty cute kids. They are so high-energy that getting them all in front of the camera at the same time was challenging enough that we had two photo sessions with them, just to make sure we got enough coverage. The studio and the outdoor shots are aesthetically different enough that the complete collection has a lot of variety.

A full gallery of their pictures is available by clicking on any of the photos below.



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3 responses to “Malloy kids

  1. Jenny

    They sure are adorable!

  2. Jenny

    They sure are adorable!

    If Tyler and Rachael don’t get around to taking our family portrait when they’re here this summer, we’ll give you guys a call. It’s been years since we’ve had a good picture taken of all us together.

    • garrettgibbons

      Tyler and Rachael are great! We wanted them to shoot out wedding in 2006, but we couldn’t convince the financiers that it was necessary to bring someone in from out of town.

      We’d love to take pictures of you guys, anytime!

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